Good morning sturgeon folks!

Attached are an update of both green and white sturgeon detections at the real time stations maintained by UC Davis. I have not included the specific Tag ID of each fish in order to protect the integrity of individual researchers' wishes. I have however labeled each unique fish with a ID number that is maintained in the CFTC database master tag list.

I have included a simple detections summary of white sturgeon detected on the array for only the month of April. Most of these fish seem to be on their way out or have already left the middle Sacramento River. Since we have a limited array of real time stations, autonomous receivers will provide the "big picture" of full migrations once those are analyzed. There have been a total of 9 unique white sturgeon detected for the month of April. I will work to give a more detailed movement record since the beginning of 2015 at a later date.

I've also included a detection summary of green sturgeon on the real time array which encompasses all of 2015 through 5/1/2015. These fish are all headed up river, most likely to spawn. These fish are organized by earliest date of detection and are followed through the real time system. Once again, the autonomous receivers will give the real picture. This spreadsheet also includes gage height of the Sacramento River at Freemont and a high/medium/low estimate of stranding risk. Since no tagged green sturgeon have been detected at Lisbon weir there is a low chance that any tagged green sturgeon pose any stranding risk in the Yolo Bypass.

If there is anyone who you believe should have this data, please forward it to them. Let me know so that I can add them to this email list.

Again, this is just a rough scale of movements (particularly for green sturgeon) based on the limited real time stations in place. We are looking into installing an additional station above GCID on the Sacramento River, which will indicate if greens have made it to their spawning grounds.



Ryan Battleson
Staff Research Associate
UC Davis Biotelemetry Laboratory