Manual Tracking

Phil Sandtrom monitors the response of the VR100 as he turns the directional hydrophone while tracking a juvenile steelhead trout tagged with a coded pressure sensor.


Through the use of the Vemco VR100 mobile receiver and continuous/coded tags we have been able to study fine-scale movements of several species of fish. In addition to knowing the position of an individual at a given time we can record the depth and temperature of the water that the fish is selecting over the course of several days. We use several instruments to measure flow, temperature, salinity, turbidity, bathymetry and speed so that these factors can be consider when examining the behavior of an individual fish. Understanding the fine-scale movements of individuals over the duration of several days can increase the predictive power of scientists to determine the behavior that individuals of a species may exhibit between VR2/W monitor sites.

* Click here to view manual tracking video clip