Good afternoon sturgeon folks,

I have attached the most recent detections for green sturgeon on the real time network. This includes new data for the period of 5/27/2015 through 6/2/2015 at 12:00PM.

There are still fresh green sturgeon entering the Sacramento River and migrating upstream.

Two new green sturgeon were detected since the last update on 5/27/2015:

GS0540 was tagged in 2010 in the Sacramento River. This sturgeon was detected at the Sacramento station on 5/28/2015, then again at the Above Tisdale station on 5/30/2015.

GS0896 was tagged in 2012 on the Columbia River. This sturgeon was just detected 6/1/2015 at the Sacramento station.

There have been a total of 22 uniquely tagged green sturgeon detected in the Sacramento River since the real time stations have been operating in 2015. 6 of these sturgeon were originally tagged in Oregon/Washington.

Of these 22, Only 1 has migrated down river, below the real time station in Sacramento. This fish may have already made its spawning run. The autonomous receivers will give the big picture of this fish's migration.

As always, the unique ID's presented in this update are not the specific tag ID of each fish. This is to protect the identy of those fish tagged by specific researchers. The unique ID is only used in the CFTC database.

There were no new green sturgeon detections on Hood, Middle River, Lisbon Weir, or inside the DCC.

Also please feel free to forward to any interested parties that I may have missed. Please let me know if those individuals would like to be included in these updates by sending me their contact information.



Ryan Battleson
Staff Research Associate
UC Davis Biotelemetry Laboratory