Good afternoon all,

This real time update includes all detection data from 1/1/2015 through 6/15/2015. There have been no updates since the 6/2/2015 because the UC Davis crew has been busy in the field downloading VR2W receivers on Benicia, Carquinez, Antioch, and Richmond Bridges.

All is quiet on the real time front when it comes to new green sturgeon detections. Since the last update on 6/2/2015, there has only been one green sturgeon detected at the "Above Tisdale" station on the Sacramento River (Rkm 288). This fish was detected on the "I-80" station (Rkm 190) on 6/1/2015, then again on 6/3/2015 at the "Above Tisdale" station. This fish was moving upstream and had a transit time of 56.4 river km/day.

There have been a total of 22 uniquely tagged green sturgeon detected in the Sacramento River since the real time stations have been operating in 2015. 6 of these sturgeon were originally tagged in Oregon/Washinton. 5 of these sturgeon were part of the the 2011 Tisdale/Freemont weir rescue fish.

Of these 22, Only 1 has migrated down river, below the real time station at I-80 in Sacramento. This fish may have already made its spawning run. The autonomous receivers will give the big picture of this fish's migration. The Richmond Bridge receivers were downloaded last week and this fish was detected on multiple receivers within the week.

As always, the unique ID's presented in this update are not the specific tag ID of each fish. This is to protect the identy of those fish tagged by specific researchers. The unique ID is only used in the CFTC database.

There were no new green sturgeon detections on Hood, Middle River, Lisbon Weir, or inside the DCC.



I have also included the detections for 37 white sturgeon that were detected on the real time network. These data are a few months old now, but a few colleagues have been asking for this. My colleague Tommy Agosta, from the biotelemetry lab, summarized these data. They include only detections and once again each fish has an arbitrary ID number associated with it.

Ryan Battleson
Staff Research Associate
UC Davis Biotelemetry Laboratory