Good morning all,

It has been awhile since the last update of green sturgeon detections on the real time receivers on 7/6/2015. This update is current through 8:00 am 8/4/2015. Since the last update only one tagged green sturgeon has been detected moving out of the upper Sacramento River.

GS0764 was detected at the Above Tisdale station on 7/29 and then downstream at the Sac I-80 and Above DCC @ Hood station on 7/30 and 8/1, respectively. This fish was detected at the Above DCC @ Hood station numerous times between 8/1 and 8/3. It does not appear to have moved into the Delta Cross Channel. The Delta Cross Channel Gates are scheduled to be closed today at 9 AM so this fish is unlikely this fish will continue to move down the Sacramento River and not enter the DCC. This fish was originally tagged on the Columbia River and was first detected on the real time stations during its upstream migration on 6/21/2015.

There were no new green sturgeon detections on the Lisbon Weir, Middle River, or Inside DCC gates since the last update on 7/6/2015.

There have been a total of 23 uniquely tagged green sturgeon detected in the Sacramento River since the real time stations have been operating in 2015. 7 of these sturgeon were originally tagged in Oregon/Washinton. 5 of these sturgeon were part of the the 2011 Tisdale/Freemont Weir rescue fish conducted by CDFW and UC Davis.

Of these 23 green sturgeon, 4 have migrated down river, below the real time station at I-80 in Sacramento and at Hood. Two of these four entered the DCC.

As always, the unique ID's presented in this update are not the specific tag ID of each fish. This is to protect the identity of those fish tagged by specific researchers.



Hello all,

A few folks have asked me, "What happened to the 2 green sturgeon that entered the DCC?"

The UC Davis crew just downloaded the central delta and lower Sacramento River autonomous 69kHz receivers last week and I can report that those fish were detected below the DCC quickly after they entered. These fish being GS0457 and GS0481. Both appeared to have entered then exited relatively quickly. One actually went back up river where it was detected around the mouths of Sutter and Steamboat slough, and then quickly migrated back downriver below the DCC, then Geogiana Slough, then the Sacramento Mouth, then to Rio Vista.

Both have recently been detected loitering around the Rio Vista Bridge, Horseshoe Bend, and Decker Island autonomous stations!



Ryan Battleson
Staff Research Associate
UC Davis Biotelemetry Laboratory