Dear Colleagues,

During the work week (2/23 @ 11:00 through 10 AM today 2/26) we heard transmitters assigned to five White Sturgeon, four of which were reported previously.

One of these fish was last observed swimming downstream from the Tower to Business 80/CCF Bridge early last week. It was heard again in the same region on 2/24 and in fact appears to have done two "laps" on 2/24 between the two bridges, last being heard at the Tower Bridge. Another, last seen Sunday 2/21 at Knights landing, continued upstream to Tisdale Weir and eventually Colusa, where it arrived on 2/26. Speaking of Colusa, two other fish previously last seen there continued to hold somewhere around Colusa: one was recorded 2/24 & 2/25 and the other 2/23, 2/24 and 2/26. The previously undetected White Sturgeon (new to 2016) was heard at the CCF and Tower Bridges 2/26.

We additionally heard 75 other transmitters (over the last seven days) on the 69 kHz VEMCO platform, primarily in the A69-6001 codespace. I am provisionally assigning 69 of these 75 to a recent release of Steelhead. I am awaiting confirmation on the individual TagIDs involved in that study.


Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis