Fishy Folks with Water Watchers,

Over the weekend (3/18 @ 11:15 - 3/22 @ 10:30 non-adjusted PST), the 69 kHz/VEMCO portion of the CFTC real-time network detected six Green Sturgeon and twelve White Sturgeon. Two of each type of sturgeon were detected for the first time in 2016 during this report period.

All six of the detected Green Sturgeon have moved upstream since the last report. One of the 3/17 arrivals at Knights Landing moved on to Tisdale Weir by later Friday (3/18), the other by Saturday (3/19). The Green Sturgeon previously heard at Knights Landing 3/18 was detected Saturday 3/19 at Tisdale and Monday 3/21 at Colusa. The fish that was reported as last detected at Tower Bridge 3/16, moved up to Knights Landing midday Friday and continued on to Tisdale (Saturday) and Colusa (Monday). The two new Green Sturgeon were both heard at the Tower Bridge on Saturday and Knights Landing on Monday.

The White Sturgeon exhibited a number of movement patterns this week. There were several (6 of 12) that continued to "hang out" at Lisbon Weir in the Yolo Bypass. There are two that appear to have, at least temporarily, aborted their upstream journey that started approximately a week ago by swimming back downstream past the Tower and CCF bridges. An additional White Sturgeon that had been heard up at Colusa 2/27 was jetted downstream, being detected at Tisdale and Knights Landing Sunday 3/20 and Tower and CCF bridges Monday 3/21. The last remaining detection of a fish previously reported was a single detection of a fish last heard 3/2 at Tisdale Weir, heard at the same location 3/19. The two newly detected White Sturgeon were heard Sunday or Monday at the CCF bridge, and had made it up to the Tower Bridge yesterday.

No update on the web archive and no graphs at this time. I'll have some River Kilometer plots of individual White Sturgeon in the next report.


Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis