Greetings Green Gawkers,

Whither within the water the White went? This weekend (Fri 4/8 through Mon 4/11) our real-time network of 69kHz acoustic receivers recorded five Green and two White Sturgeon, along with one recently rescued Chinook Salmon. Two of the Green Sturgeon were detected for the first time within 2016 over this report period.

Three of the detected Green Sturgeon had been previously detected in 2016. Of these, we have heard again from GS543, last heard from on 4/1 at Knights Landing. This fish was heard at our station at Colusa on Sunday 4/10, 9 days after being at Knights Landing. This is approximately three times the transit duration that other Green Sturgeon have exhibited. In fact, another Green Sturgeon also completed the Knights Landing to Colusa stretch recently: Thursday 4/7 and Saturday 4/9 (locations respectively). The other Green Sturgeon detected over the weekend which had previously been detected, was last reported at Tower Bridge (4/7) and was detected again Saturday (4/9) at Knights Landing. The two 2016-new Green Sturgeon were both detected Sunday at the Cap. City Fwy. and Tower Bridges.

Only two White Sturgeon were detected this weekend. One was last reported heading downriver 4/7 at the Sacramento Bridges (Tower+CCF), after having been detected as far upstream as Tisdale Weir (3/29). This transmitter has been detected again heading back upstream at the Sacramento Bridges. The other White Sturgeon appears to be continuing a very slow downstream migration, having been last detected at Knights Landing 3/16, and was detected over this past weekend at the Tower and CCF Bridges (4/9 and 4/10 respectively).

Straying from the typical Sturgeon-centric reporting, of four adult Chinook salmon CA-DFW rescued and tagged at Tisdale Weir on Friday, one was detected at Colusa on Saturday, whereas the others have not yet been detected at any real-time receivers. I hereby temporarily designate the detected Chinook CR16003.


Logistic note removed.

Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis