Addressing all august Actinopterygii anglers in addition to agency and academic associates astounded and/or alternately ashamed by atrocious amounts of assonance and alliteration,

This work week (10:35 4/11 until 10:00 4/15 PST), the network of real-time acoustic receivers detected four Green Sturgeon, seven White Sturgeon and one tagged adult Chinook Salmon. One of the Green Sturgeon and the Chinook had not been previously detected in 2016, at least partially because they were both tagged recently.

The Green Sturgeon detected include two that were last heard from at the Tower Bridge in Sacramento on 4/10. These were heard Monday (4/11) at Knights Landing, followed by Wednesday (4/13) or Thursday (4/14) at Colusa. A Green Sturgeon heard from last on 4/9 at Knights Landing also made it up to Colusa, arriving on Monday. If you're keeping score at home, all previously detected up-migrating Green Sturgeon have now been detected at Colusa. The last Green Sturgeon, not previously detected by the real-time network, was tagged Monday (4/11) south of the city of Sacramento and was detected 4/12 at the Sacramento Bridges (Cap. City Fwy and Tower) and yesterday at Knights Landing.

The White Sturgeon detected this week were all observed in the mainstem Sacramento River. Three of these had been absent from our network for at least three weeks. One last heard from at Colusa on 3/6 began its downstream migration, presumably post-spawn, being detected again 4/13 at Colusa, followed by Knights Landing, Tower Bridge and the CCF Bridge all Thursday. A White Sturgeon-assigned tag last detected 3/29 at Tisdale was re-heard at Knights Landing on 4/15. The final "truant" White Sturgeon was last heard 3/27 at Knights Landing and appears to now be headed upstream, being heard from on 4/12 at Colusa. Of the remaining four, one appears to be heading downstream while the others appear to be swimming upstream. The downstream directed fish was heard from previously on 4/8 at Knights Landing and was again heard from this week today at the Sacramento Bridges. Of the three upstream swimming fish, one was last reported as heading downstream, clearing the Sacramento Bridges 4/7 but went back upstream past those same two bridges on Wednesday. Perhaps this fish realized that it had left its cell phone behind. One of the other White Sturgeon was heard from early Monday at the Sacramento Bridges, and has been subsequently heard yesterday at Knights Landing. The final White Sturgeon that I'm reporting on this week is one which was last located near Knights Landing (4/3) and was heard on three separate days within this week at the Colusa detector.

A rescued adult Chinook Salmon was heard from as well this week, having not previously been detected. This fish, designated CR16004, was heard from on Wednesday and Thursday at Colusa.

There were also several (7) other fish tagged this year that were detected this week, but as they are neither rescues nor Sturgeon, I will not be reporting on their movements at this time.

The next report is scheduled for next Tuesday (4/19).


Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis