Sturgeon survive spawning.
deSpite superior speed,
Salmon seem spent;
scavenger sustenance.

On that note, so begins the Sturgeon detection report spanning from Friday 4/15 at 10AM PST to the same time today (4/19). Over the weekend, we detected one Green Sturgeon and three White Sturgeon on the real-time network of 69kHz acoustic receivers, all previously detected during 2016. We also detected twelve other fish, all tagged this year, that were neither rescues nor Sturgeon so will not be reported herein.

The Green Sturgeon heard on the acoustic receivers is actually a downstream traveler, presumably post-spawn. Although we had two Green Sturgeon that traveled downstream back in January, this week's fish marks the first "round trip" of the year. This Green Sturgeon was last detected 2/18 at Colusa before being heard from this weekend on Saturday (4/16) at Colusa, followed by Knights Landing and the Sacramento Bridges (Cap. City. Fwy and Tower) on Sunday. Of note, we did NOT hear from the non-rescue 2016-tagged Green Sturgeon last heard from on 4/14 at Knights Landing. Although the upstream trip time from Knights Landing to Colusa for Green Sturgeon is generally around 3 days, it can take significantly longer as you may recall from the fish that previously took 9 days for the journey.

As mentioned earlier, there were three White Sturgeon detected this weekend. One of these was last detected at the CCF bridge in Sacramento (3/15) and was heard from again Friday (4/15) in the same general vicinity, transiting "downstream" Tower Bridge to CCF Bridge. One other month-absent White Sturgeon was detected up at Colusa both 4/15 and 4/16, after not being heard from since 3/15. The last reported White Sturgeon appears to be moving upstream, detected previously on 4/13 at Tower Bridge before being detected Friday (4/15) at Knights Landing.


P.S. Upon request I've added a few people to the e-mail list over the past week or two. If your additional pleas for yourself or a colleague seem to have fallen on deaf ears, I probably had my headphones on too loud. Please send your request again.

Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis