Abject apologies to all for absent accounting:

Last week Friday's report never materialized, so today's report of Sturgeon activity on the real-time system spans the interval from last Tuesday at 10AM to today at 10:25AM PST. There were two Green Sturgeon and four White Sturgeon detected over the past 6 days, all previously detected in 2016. Additionally, there were fourteen other 2016-tagged fish detected that will not be reported here (non-rescue, non-Sturgeon).

Of the two Green Sturgeon, one is swimming upstream, the other down. The north-bound Green Sturgeon is the 2016-tagged non-rescue fish and was detected previously at Knights Landing on 4/14. It was detected again today at Colusa, taking that fish eleven days to transit that stretch of the Sacramento River. The southbound suarez came back in through the out door, being heard from at Colusa yesterday after having last passed that location on 3/5.

Two of the four White Sturgeon were detected swimming downstream, whereas one of the other was headed upstream. The two fish swimming downstream had both been heard last at Knights Landing (3/22 and 4/15) and were heard again at the Sacramento Bridges (Tower and CCF) on 4/19 and 4/21 fish-respectively. The upstream swimming fish had been heard from last 4/14 at Knights Landing and was heard a week later (Thursday 4/21) at Colusa. The final fish in this report is another White Sturgeon, last detected 4/14 at Colusa which was detected there again Wednesday 4/20.

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Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis