Laying out le Leading Listserv Letter of this Laudatory Leaflet,

You may note that I'm posting this note to a newly-established listserv, in part so you don't have to scroll through the recipients before getting to the contents. This also should theoretically allow for simpler list administration and allow you to (gasp) leave the list if you ever desire (and dare). However, this message is probably more likely to be filtered to spam than previous messages, so I'll be sending out a final notice to the non-listserv list explaining that if you didn't get this message, you should look in your spam folder and/or "whitelist" Hopefully this should filter out, rather than propagate, any auto-generated vacation notices that we are so fond of, but there may be some hiccups with the new system initially.

This week on the real-time network of 69kHz-tuned acoustic receivers between Monday at 10:25 and today at 10AM PST, we detected three Green Sturgeon and two White Sturgeon. One of the Green Sturgeon was detected for the first time within 2016, but likely will not be seen again for some time.

Two of the three Green Sturgeon were detected presumably making their way downstream after spawning. The Green Sturgeon last detected Sunday (4/24) at Colusa has percolated down through the system, being detected at Knights Landing on Monday and the Sacramento Bridges (Tower and Cap. City Fwy.) on Tuesday. Another Green Sturgeon was heard from at Colusa on Wednesday after having last been detected 3/10. The final Green Sturgeon blasted up through the entire system of real time detectors this week, being detected Monday at the Sacramento Bridges, followed by Knights Landing on Wednesday and Colusa today. This spring-fever afflicted Sturgeon will likely not be heard from again for a while as it heads up to the spawning grounds.

The two White Sturgeon were detected at Colusa this week Monday, which is where they were last detected (4/20 and 4/21). One of these White Sturgeon was also detected at the same location again on Tuesday (4/26).

Additionally, there were detections of seven additional fish, but these were neither 2016-rescued fish nor Sturgeon so will not be mentioned further herein.

Have a great weekend,

Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis