Dear Denizens,

'der were a dearth of detections this week. Between roughly 10AM Tuesday and 12:15 PM PST today (5/6), three White Sturgeon were detected, along with four other non-sturgeons that were not rescued, so won't be reported in this e-mail message further.

The three White Sturgeon were all detected swimming downstream. The first fish detected this week was detected late in the last reporting period, being detected Tuesday at Colusa and was heard from again at Knights Landing yesterday (5/5). Two White Sturgeon were detected today, one of which was detected about a week ago at Knights Landing. That fish was heard from at the two Sacramento Bridges today. The final White Sturgeon was detected previously at Colusa on 4/16 and was heard from today at Knights Landing.

As we are receiving a small amount of rainfall, I will examine for fish migrations as normal next Tuesday. But, as the number of tagged fish migrating through the system appears to be decreasing, if there are five or fewer fish affected, I may fall back to one report per week (on Friday).


Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis