Put forth for the PWT to Perhaps Ponder,

I'm typing this as I'm listening to the Biotelemetry PWT meeting on the phone. Apologies for not contributing to the meeting during the project updates portion, but I may say a few words when the 69kHz array portion of the meeting comes up on the agenda.

From 12:15 on Friday 5/6 to today (Tues 5/10) at 9:10 AM, the array detected fewer than five sturgeon, but I'll make this report despite being under the threshold specified at the tail of the last report. We did detect one Green Sturgeon and three White Sturgeon this week as well as one other non-sturgeon non-rescued fish, all previously detected this year. The non-sturgeon, as typical, will not be reported further.

The Green Sturgeon blasted downstream through the system, previously being seen heading upstream past Colusa on 4/6, was heard from Sunday 5/8 at Colusa, followed by yesterday (Mon 5/9) at Knights Landing and today at the Tower and CCF Bridges in Sacramento.

Two of the three White Sturgeon were detected heading downstream, whereas the remaining White Sturgeon was detected only at the site last heard from. The two were both heard from last at Knights landing 5/5 or 5/6 and were detected over the weekend at Tower (5/6-5/7 and 5/6 respectively) and CCF (5/7 and 5/6-5/7 respectively). The final White Sturgeon was heard from at Colusa today, which is where it was last heard from on 4/2.

Feel free to share around the PWT meeting room or project it up on the screen when appropriate.


Matthew D. Pagel
Database Manager
Core Array: California Fish Tracking Consortium
Biotelemetry Lab
University of California, Davis