Josh Israel, BOR Fish Biologist

Position/Affiliation: USBOR Bay Delta Office

Contact Info:

  • Address: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Bay Delta Office, 801 I St, Suite 140, Sacramento CA 95814
  • Email: jaisrael at usbr dot gov
  • Phone: (O) 916-414-2417
  • Phone 2: (M) 916-296-8792


  • 2007: University of California, Davis- Ph.D. Ecology

  • 1995: University of California, Santa Cruz- B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research Interests: Fish and water management interactions, conservation gentetics of migratory fishes, telemetry of migratory fishes, adaptive ecosystem management

Recent Publications

  • Katz, J., P.B. Moyle, R.M. Quiñones, J.A. Israel, and S. Purdy. 2012. Impending extinction of salmon, steelhead, and trout (Salmonidae) in California. Environmental Biology of Fishes. Online first. DOI:10.1007/s10641-012-9974-8

  • Israel, J.A., K. Fisch, T. Turner, and R. Waples. 2011. The use of artificial propagation as a tool for native fish conservation in the western US: what we need to know for the preservation of Central Valley salmonids, delta smelt, and green sturgeon. San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Sciences 9. Retrieved from:
  • Israel, J.A. and B. May. 2010. Evaluation of polymorphic microsatellite markers in the anadromous fish Spirinchus thaleichthys. Conservation Genetics Resources 2:227-230
  • Israel, J.A. and B. May. 2010. Indirect genetic estimates of breeding population size in the polyploid green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris). Molecular Ecology 19:1058-1070
  • Israel, J.A., K.J. Bando, E.C. Anderson, and B. May. 2009. Sotck complexity in the North American green sturgeon: the utility of ploysomic markers in mixed stock fishery analysis, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 66:1491-1504
  • Shmigirilov A.P., A.A. Mednikova, J.A. Israel. “ 2007. Comparison of biology of the Sakhalin sturgeon, Amur sturgeon, and kaluga from the Amur River, Sea of Okhotsk, and Sea of Japan Biogeographic Province.” Environmental Biology of Fishes, 79:383-395.
  • Papa, R., J.A. Israel, F. N. Marzano, and B. May. 2007. “Assessment of Genetic Variation Among Reproductive Ecotypes of Klamath River Steelhead Reveals Differentiation Associated with Different Run-timings.”  Journal of Applied Ichthyology 23:142-146.
  • Moyle, P. and J.A. Israel. 2005. “Untested assumptions: effectiveness of screening diversions for conservation of fish populations. Fisheries: 30(5): 20-28.
  • Israel, J.A., M. Blumberg, J. Cordes, and B. May. 2004. Geographic patterns of genetic differentiation among western U.S. collections of North American green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris). North American Journal of Fisheries Management 24:922-931.