Alex Hearn, UCD Postdoctoral Scholar

Position/Affiliation: Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology

Contact Info:

  • Address: 1331 Academic Surge, University of California Davis
  • One Shields Ave. Davis, CA 95616
  • Email: arhearn at ucdavis dot edu
  • Phone: 530-752-5372


  • 2001 Ph.D., Marine Biology, International Centre for Island Technology (ICIT), Heriot-Watt University, UK.

  • 1997 Master of Science, Marine Resource Development and Protection, ICIT, Heriot-Watt University, UK.
  • 1995 BSc Hons. Oceanography with Marine Biology, Oceanography Dept., Southampton University, UK.

Research Interests: Green sturgeon and salmonid smolt migration, juvenile habitat and ecology, MPA management and fisheries, Eastern Tropical Pacific migratory pelagics

Recent Publications

  • Klimley, A.P., Tu, D., Hearn, A., Brostoff, W., LaCivita, P., Bremner, A., and Keegan, T., 2009. Juvenile Salmonid Outmigration and Distribution in the San Francisco Estuary: 2006-2008 Interim Draft Report 62p.

  • Chapman E.D., Hearn, A., Buckhorn, M., Klimley, A.P., Lacivita, P., Brostoff W.N. & A.M. Bremner (2009) Juvenile salmonid outmigration and distribution in the San Francisco Estuary: 2008-2009 Interim Draft Report. University of California Davis and US Army Corp of Engineers. 87p.
  • Hearn A, Ketchum J & P Klimley. Site fidelity or hotspots? Spatial dynamics of hammerhead sharks in the Galápagos Marine Reserve (submitted, June 2009)
  • Hearn A (2009) Shark Migrations – Discovering the Golden Triangle. In: T. De Roy (ed.) Galapagos – Preserving Darwin’s Legacy. Bateman Press Pp 90-97.
  • Hearn A (2009) Shark movement patterns. In: P Oxford & G Watkins. Galapagos, both sides of the coin. Pp 46-47
  • Hearn A, J Ketchum & AP Klimley (2009) Vulnerability of top predators to climate change and adaptation options for their coastal and pelagic ecosystems: sharks case study. In: Hoffman J et al. (eds.) Cetaceans and Other Marine Biodiversity of the Eastern Tropical Pacific: Options for Adapting to Climate Change. Report from a workshop held February 9-11, 2009. MINAET/WWF/EcoAdapt/CI/IFAW/TNC/WDCS/IAI/ PROMAR, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Zárate P & A Hearn (2008) Conservation Status of Sharks in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. Consultancy by the Charles Darwin Foundation for IUCN. Santa Cruz, Galápagos, Ecuador, 33p (In Spanish).
  • Hearn A (2008) The rocky path to sustainable fisheries and conservation in the Galapágos Marine Reserve. Ocean & Coastal Management 51: 567-574
  • Hearn A & JC Murillo (2008) Life history of the red spiny lobster Panulirus penicillatus (Olivier, 1791) (Decapoda: Palinuridae) in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador. Pacific Science 62 (2): 191–204
  • Hearn A & MV Toral-Granda (2007) Reproductive biology of the red spiny lobster Panulirus penicillatus and the slipper lobster Scyllarides astori in the Galápagos Islands. Crustaceana 80 (3): 297–312 
  • Hearn A, MV Toral-Granda, C Martinez & GK Reck (2007) Biology and fishery of the Galápagos slipper lobster. In: E Spanier & K Lavalli (eds.) The biology and fisheries of the slipper lobster. Crustacean Issues, vol 17. pp 287–308