Kevin Clark, DWR Staff Environmental Scientist

Position/Affiliation: Department of Water Resources - Bay Delta Office Delta Conveyance Fish Science Section

Contact Info:


  • 2003: Texas A&M University - Wildlife and Fishery Science

  • 2001: California State University - B.S. Biology

Research Interests: Physiological ecology of fishes, predator-prey interactions, ultrasonic tracking and telemetry, bioengineering, and aquaculture.

Recent Publications

  • Clark, K. W., Bowen, M. D., Mayfield, R. B., Zehfuss, K. P., Taplin, J. D., and Hanson, C. H.( 2009)  Quantification of pre-screen losses of juvenile steelhead within Clifton Court Forebay.  Technical Report-  California Department of Water Resources

  • Feyrer, F., Hobbs, J., Baerwald, M., Sommer, T., Yin, Q., Clark, K., May, B., Bennett, W.  (2007)  Otolith Microchemistry Provides Information Complementary to Microsatellite DNA for a Migratory Fish.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 136:2, 469-476