Ryon Kurth, DWR Environmental Scientist

Position/Affiliation: Department of Water Resources

Contact Info:


  • 2006: California State University, Chico - M.S. Biology

  • 1999: University of California Davis - B.S. Aquatic Ecology

Research Interests: Anadromous salmonid restoration, Hatchery management, Stream ecology.

Recent Publications

  • Kurth, R.S. and M.P. Marchetti.  2008(Submitted).  Use of salmon derived nutrients in a large, regulated river.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology.

  • Cavallo, B.J. and R.S. Kurth.  2008(In Prep).  Habitat use and distribution of juvenile steelhead in a large, regulated river of the California Central Valley.  San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science.