Jason Hassrick, Posdoctoral scholar - Fellow

Position/Affiliation: NMFS, Postdoctoral scholar

Contact Info:


  • 2011: UC Santa Cruz Ph.D. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • 2004: Sonoma Stete University M.Sc. - Department of Biology
  • 1998: UC Santa Cruz - B.A. Environmental Studies

Research Interests: Foraging ecology of predators. Using tracking technology to study the ecology of marine organisms. Specific project: Use recent advances in miniaturized acoustic technology in previously untaggable critical life stage of juvenile Chinook salmon to track the migration and survival patterns of winter run.

Recent Publications & Presentations:

Hassrick, J.L., Palacios, D.M., Newsome, S.D., Aurioles-Gambnoa, D., Koch, P.L., Crocker, D.E., and Costa, D.P. (In Press). Marine hotspots determined by individual foraging specialization and route fidelity in a mesopelagic predator, the northern elaphant seal. Marine Ecology-Progress Series

Hassrick, J.L., Crocker, D.E., and Costa, D.P. (In Press). Effects of age and mass on foraging behavior and maternal foraging success in the northern elephant seal. Functional Ecology

Robinson, P.W., Costa, D.P., Crocker, D.E., Gallo-Reynoso, J.P., Champagne, C.D., Fowler, M.A., Goetsch, C., Goetz, K.T., Hassrick, J.L., Huckstad, L.A., Kuhn, C.E., Maresh, J.L., Maxwell, S.M., McDonald, B.I., Peterson, S.H., Simmons, S.E., Teutschel, N.M., Villegas-Amtmann, S.V., and Yoda, K. (2012) Foraging behavior and success of a mesopelagic predator in the northeast Pacific Ocearn: Insights from a data-rich species, the northern elephant seal. Plos One

Costa, D.P., P.W. Robinson, J.P.Y. Arnould, A.L. Harrison, S.E. Simmons, J.L. Hassrick, A.J. Hoskins, S.P. Kirkman, H. Oosthuizen, S. Villegas-Amtmann, and D.E. Crocker. (2010) Accuracy of ARGOS locations of pinnipeds at-sea estimated using fastloc gps. Plos One 5

Hassrick, J.L., D.E. Crocker, N.M. Teutschel, B.I. McDonald, P.W. Robinsion, S.E. Simmons, and D.P. Costa. (2010) Condition and mass impact oxygen stores and dive duration in adult female northern elephant seals. Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 585-592

Zeno, R.L., D.E. Crocker, J.L. Hassrick, S.J. Allenm and D.P. Costa (2008) Development of foraging behavior in juvenil northern elephant seals. Journal of Zoology, London

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Hassrick, J.L., D.E. Crocker, R.L. Zeno, S.B. Blackwell, D.P. Costa, and B.J. LeBoeuf (2007) Swimming speed and foraging strategies of northern elephant seals. Deep-Sea Research Part II-Topical Studies in Oceanography 54:369-383

Hassrick, J.L., Swimming speed and forating strategies of northern elephan seals. M.S. Thesis, Sonoma State University, June 2004